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Defend Your Drink!

The Drink Defender tops your can or bottle to defend your drink from bees, bugs, illicit drugs... and with 12 vibrant colors... from dreaded beverage mix-ups!

The Drink Defender Original - Fits bottles of all kinds... for beer and soda bottles of all sizes, glass or plastic. *Bonus Feature - never clank your teeth on a glass bottle again!

The Drink Defender Capple - Fits cans of all sizes... beer, seltzer, energy drink, and soda cans... regular or tall, slim or small… Capple fits them All.

A hit at any gathering, The Drink Defender is a fun way to protect & identify your beverage while delivering a superior drinking experience vs glass bottles or metal cans.

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Scientifically Designed to Protect and Serve.

With laminar flow inspired by a sharks fin and a liquid tight seal, The Drink Defender provides positive beverage protection to keep bees and bugs out and let the liquid flow.


The Drink Defender is made from durable, food-grade, dishwasher friendly silicone and is designed to fit bottles or cans, protect your drink, and provide smooth beverage flow with no foaming.


Available in 12 vivid colors to make beverage identification easy, The Drink Defender works great as a beverage charm to keep your drink in view.

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Make The Drink Defender Yours

The Drink Defender can be made in (almost) any color, printed or laser-etched with your organizations branding or slogan, and makes a unique promotional item for employees, students, and event attendees.


Let us know your vision for The Drink Defender and we'll create a one-of-a-kind gift that's a guaranteed conversation starter that will be used over and over again.

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The Drink Defender is available at your favorite retailer, on Amazon, or contact us directly to customize The Drink Defender for your organization or event. 


The Drink Defender is available for wholesale distribution.

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